Ageless Circle

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What is The Ageless Circle?

The Ageless Center is an intergenerational program for seniors and youth of the community. Our primary focus will be to bridge the generational gap between seniors and youth. This program assists in improving the youth’s academic performance, allowing the seniors to teach the youth various trades, life skills, and enhance seniors’ technological capabilities. In addition, this program will reduce social isolation for the seniors and youth, allowing them to engage with one another in structured activities. This center will also allow the seniors and youth to cultivate meaningful and long-standing relationships.

Five Key Program Points:

1. An ongoing mentorship with a caring adult

2. A healthy start in life

3. Safe places to learn and grow

4. A skill upon graduation

5. An opportunity to serve in the community

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Ageless Youth Programs


Free reading and mathematics tutoring available to elementary aged students grades 3rd – 5th.

This program is offered Tuesday-Thursday


Students will build critical reading skills that will help students develop a lifelong love of reading.

Book Club

Students and seniors will receive free books to read and discuss together.

Tech Savy

Middle and High School students will teach seniors various computer skills.


Seniors and Youth will engage in S.T.E.A.M labs the first Saturday of each month.

Ageless Senior Programs

Tea Time Book Club

Seniors engage in enriched discussions about various books selected by the seniors.

“Game On” Old and New

Seniors and Youth (middle & high school) engage in competitive game play for team building and bonding!

Creole Coloring & Conversation

Seniors and youth will engage in therapeutic coloring while learning creole words and phrases from one of our local seniors.

Crocheting for a Cause

Seniors engage in therapeutic, skillful and creative crocheting fun! Materials provided.

Wellness Wednesday

Seniors engage in sessions focused on nutrition and fitness

Meet The Ageless Circle Program Coordinators


Mrs. Trina Collins King, M.Ed.

Intergenerational Coordinator for Youth Programs

Mrs. Trina Collins King is our Ageless Circle – Intergenerational Coordinator of Youth Programs. She is a lifelong resident of East Baton Rouge Parish, a retired administrator of 21 years, and an alumnus of Southern University. Mrs. King passion for empowering young minds will continue as she embarks upon this new profession of Intergenerational Coordinator of Youth Programs at EBRCOA. She believes in this community, our community who has provided her with the necessary tools and resources needed to be the successful professional she is today.

Knowledge with Wisdom | Pride with Humility | Inexperience with Experience

“I am proud to be one of the newest team members of EBRCOA’s Ageless Circle Intergenerational Center where these two generations meet in the middle of the circle of life!”


Mrs. Dorphelia Guillory-Patterson

Intergenerational Coordinator for Senior Programs

Mrs. Dorphelia Guillory- Patterson is our Ageless Circle – Intergenerational Coordinator of Senior Programs. She was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. Mrs. Patterson earned her degree in Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Business Management at the University of Phoenix. Additionally, she earned a Certified Nursing Certificate from Good Samaritan School of Nursing. She has been a part of the EBRCOA family for 4 years where she has held several positions such as Homemaker, Information and Referral Coordinator, Care Manager II & I, and Food Pantry Coordinator. 
“As the Ageless Circle Senior Programs Coordinator, I’m excited to work with the seniors and youth while building memories along the way. I know my role matters in this community and I’m hopeful that this program will change lives.”


3820 Gus Young Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Phone – (225) 330-4966

Email –

Through our intergenerational program, we strive to fulfill needs of seniors as well as provide a mentoring opportunity for elementary school to high school aged youth and young adults. This is accomplished through an approach that addresses the social service needs of our seniors. This program will provide an opportunity to reduce the isolation that seniors combat daily as well as provide the youth a chance to interact with seniors through planned interactive activities and mentoring opportunities.