2020 Candidate Speaker Virtual Series

Join us on Sunday, October 11th, for our next round of the 2020 Virtual Candidate Series. Elections are around the corner, but our current situation has not allowed many in the community to interact and engage with the candidates freely, nor have they been able to engage with each other. The 2020 Virtual Candidate Series provides you with the opportunity to meet and interact with various candidates in a safe and friendly environment.

Event Details for the October 11th Event:

  • Registration is free to the public
  • Questions can be asked before and during the event
  • District 5 Race – Councilwoman Erika Green, Darryl Hurst
  • Mayoral Race – Mayor Sharon Weston Broome

For more information, contact us at 225-923-8000 or email us at info@ebrcoa.org.

District 5 Candidate Speakers


Erika Green


Darryl Hurst


Mayoral Race


Sharon Weston Broome