Since 1973, the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging (EBRCOA) has served the aging population of East Baton Rouge Parish through a spectrum of nutritional and social services. Additionally, the EBRCOA is charged with both meeting and discovering the growing needs of the ever-increasing aging population.

Central to the EBRCOA’s mission is service to seniors as well as the maintenance of their personal independence and the enhancement of their storied lives.

As such, our mission is simple:

Supporting Independence – Serving Seniors.

Said mission is made real through a variety of community-wide programs such as:

  • Meals on Wheels (home-delivered meals to homebound seniors)
  • Congregate Meals (hot meals at 15 different sites/senior centers throughout the parish)
  • Information and Assistance (trained counselors are available to answer questions, provide a thorough assessment of needs, make appropriate recommendations of services, and refer individuals to other EBRCOA-related services in addition to other community-wide agencies/services available to the aging population)
  • Health Screens (comprehensive screens at each senior center: glucose, immunizations, nutrition, referrals, etc.)
  • Insurance counseling; utility assistance (cable, electricity); Medicaid applications.

Today, our parish proudly welcomes more than 85,000 seniors to East Baton Rouge (eagerly anticipating the opportunity of reaching out and positively affecting each and every seasoned citizen).

With the help of eager, altruistic individuals and organizations, EBRCOA looks forward to meeting the challenges facing the aging – exceeding their expectations through innovative solutions met by unique, care-based services.