The East Baton Rouge Council on Aging is thrilled to partner with various corporations in working to address the needs of East Baton Rouge Parish’s senior citizens — whether it be food insecurity, access to essential healthcare services or much-needed hygienic supplies — there are numerous opportunities to assist the aging.

Our corporate partnership definition: A mutually beneficial relationship formed between a nonprofit or charitable organization and for-profit businesses whose purpose is to pursue a common goal based on the shared values of the participating organizations.

What does a successful partnership with EBRCOA look like?

  • Mutually beneficial: The partnership should benefit both the EBRCOA and the business partner.
  • Alignment of values: The values of the business partner should represent the values of EBRCOA.
  • Open communication: The expectations of the partnership should be communicated and agreed upon. Transparency is key to a fair partnership.

How does EBRCOA benefit from corporate partnerships?

Our for-profit business partners have the resources to help EBRCOA grow. Here are some key benefits:

  • Generate revenue: In exchange for contributions to EBRCOA, business partners gain access to our senior members through sponsorships, advertisements and logo placement
  • Grow your volunteer program: The employees of business partners can serve as official EBRCOA volunteers to assist in increasing the impact of EBRCOA.
  • Improve community visibility:  Help increase awareness of EBRCOA, our programs, and our mission by partnering with us.

How do companies benefit from partnerships with nonprofits?

Partnering with EBRCOA benefits business partners in the following areas:

  • Employee satisfaction: Companies that partner with nonprofits and facilitate community engagement initiatives tend to have better employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement than those without. Increasingly, employees want to feel proud of their workplace.
  • Professional development: Volunteering can offer opportunities for professional development, especially when employees specialized skills are utilized. These skilled volunteers can make the relationship more meaningful for the company and the nonprofit.
  • Public Image: Corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy programs improve consumer confidence and can even lead to an increase in revenue.
  • Marketing: Corporate sponsorship for nonprofits can offer relatively inexpensive marketing opportunities. It’s a chance for businesses to improve community-wide reputation and trust and, when executed effectively, can lead to a positive return on investment.

For more information about Corporate Involvement, contact Angell Jackson, Director of Marketing, at 225.923.8000 or

Methods of Corporate Involvement:

  • Employee Volunteerism
  • In-Kind Donation Drive
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Matching Gifts
  • Annual Donations